A independent brand with a dream. A dream where ethics and fashion will go together. And we are also an inclusive, ethical and conscious brand which offers the best at a fair price.

We dream of a more humane world, where things are done as a logic mind would do them, with common sense and kindness. Thinking about ourselves and the world. Thinking about a fairer world without waste. A world where actions are taken from a conscious and thought-through “savoir-faire”; with ethics and virtue. Virtue of acting.

We perform actions in a conscious and honest way, without wanting to be heroes. We are only committed people who believe in what we do, with the aim of bringing to you the outcome of our work. We want to give you a product of exceptional quality, designed and produced to last. Committed with the environment, using cellulose acetate obtained from cotton fibers in our frames, with a plastic-free philosophy. All this, done in a completely transparent and at a fair price.

After dreaming and acting, we want to inspire. Inspire that our last step is someone else’s first step, so that when you wear our glasses you are also deciding to be a changing agent, you will follow the same process. Dreaming, acting and inspiring others to follow you in this cycle and thus, finding the bridge that links fashion and ethics