Visionario was born with the mission to bring the latest trends in design and quality eyewear at a fair price.

We are a young, fresh and independent brand with a contemporary vision that offers the perfect accessory for those looking for style and personality.

We are committed to good design, attention to detail and exceptional quality, leading us to devise distinctive, contemporary and timeless collections. Our wide selection offers both revisited classics and original and groundbreaking creations, always in perfect balance between aesthetics and comfort.


Bio based, recyclable & beautiful

All our glasses are made from cellulose acetate, a noble material from renewable sources of cotton fibres. An acetate whose colour and brilliance remains unalterable, as well as containing particular ageing stabilisers that prevent it from discolouration or degradation caused by UV rays or contact with the skin. In addition, its hypo-allergenic properties make it suitable for sensitive skin.

On the other hand, our metal glasses are made of different steel alloys. This prevents rust and corrosion of the product, and offers the mechanical resistance necessary for durability and quality, as well as 100% recyclability.


Best quality at the best price

In order to obtain quality lenses that adapt to the characteristics and needs of each of our glasses, our manufacturing processes use different technologies and materials. We have a wide range of organic lenses, as well as light Japanese films that make up our polarised TAC lenses.

All our lenses protect 100% from UVA and UVB radiation, while providing clear vision for maximum visual comfort. They also have an anti-reflective treatment that reduces rear reflections by up to 99%, improving contrast and reducing eyestrain. All our lenses are also ISCC (International Sustainability Carbon Certification) certified.

Higher quality lenses at the same price.


Design is the heart of our company

We are defined by good design, a logical, respectful and aesthetic design. We draw inspiration from the latest trends and creative disciplines in order to create original and distinctive proposals that add value and make you feel good.

We have a team of designers who keep abreast of the latest trends in order to devise varied collections that respond to the wide-ranging demands of a demanding and cultivated clientele.

With an experimental profile, we try to constantly improve our proposals and develop new products based on observation and a culture of curiosity. We pay attention to detail to our production processes and sustainability as a whole.


TRANSPARENCY. We show what we do and who we are, in a direct, sincere and clear way.

PROXIMITY. We stand next to our client, stablishing a one on one relationship with him.

ETHICS. We think about all our actions and carry them out in the fairest possible way.

QUALITY. We strive to always give the best possible value and quality, with the will to improve every day and to be proud of what we do.